Brand Guidelines: Does your organization need them?

First ask yourself if you have an overall understanding of your organizations brand? What does it stand for and how it should and shouldn’t be implemented. When you present do you feel that organizations brand is reflected?

If you do not, you might contemplate rebranding and creating a brand style guide to help capture the tone and voice that you want your company to exude. Your brand has to be easily replicated for those within your organization and needs to establish trust with the target audience.

Most tend to use either the term “Brand Guide” or Style Guide”, but both terms are used interchangeably.

Understand that creating this feeling of a cohesive brand guideline requires more than just a clever set of graphical rules. The organization and its culture needs to be understood. The brand guidelines needs to be created to clearly present a well defined visuals and content. It is a living document that needs to be updated frequently to ensure

Defining Brand Style Guide
Your brand is what your customers and audience think of when they hear your company’s name or see your logo. It’s what you represent and who you are as a company. It’s both the voice and the tone within the content you create, and it can be experienced through all the work that you produce.

When a brand style guide is in place, every single person in your company should understand both what the brand is, as well as how to implement it in the work they do.

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