How To Measure and Gain Growth

Time is Money

Of course you want customers to spend time on your site but when researching the analytics of your site always make sure your users are spending time on the right pages . For instance if a user is spending too much time on a page with little content or not much to see it could mean you have a problem, whether it be trouble navigating the site or the content is just hard to understand.

Sharing is Caring

Another great way to gauge how well you are doing on social media is by how often your content is being shared, comment, reposted or in the context of Twitter, “retweeted”. Like mentioned in an earlier post, Keys To Social Media Marketing: “Quality over Quantity” fewer loyal yet active followers are more important than a large group of anonymous users who visited the page once and never returned.

Where did you go?

Keeping track of your followers is important. You not only want to know when you are gaining followers, but also when you lose them. It is important to understand why that customer might have left, be it something on the site or a competitor with a better pitch or product. Keep track of how often users are entering your site, what they downloading, purchasing or even just signing up. Keep track of user activity.

Exit Only

Be mindful of where all users who have visited more than two pages on your site make their exit. If any one page is responsible for 5% or more of your total exits that page may need editing or may need to be removed. Don’t lose the users attention they are the lifeline of your business.