Google PPC trends that could affect your advertising

2018 has been a year full of change so far for PPC. Mobile, machine learning, ad updates, targeting changes and new products have kept watchers of paid search on the alert. Mobile continues to be the primary driver of PPC’s $6 billion annual increase. Machine learning (AI) and increased targeting are the biggest news as Google continues to pioneer the science of machine learning. Also, the biggest UI change in Google Adword’s 20-year history is currently being tested and will be in full release by the end of the year.

Better Targeting with AI and In-Market Audiences
In-market audiences help advertisers target the right consumer for their product or service. Now with Google’s improved AI, you can tell the difference between an interested buyer searching for your product, and say, a college student doing research about your product. This is a major step forward for finding the right customer at the right time to convert sales. According to Google, this new technology works, “by analyzing trillions of search queries and activity across millions of websites to help figure out when people are close to buying and surface ads that will be more relevant and interesting to them.”

New User Interface for Google Adwords
Google Adwords is undergoing the biggest UI change in 20 years with an entirely redesigned new interface. The new look is a radical departure from the old, with a strong focus on simplicity and brilliant data visualization for ease of use. This new Adwords is also 20% faster and 100% better looking. It doesn’t add or take away any functionality but again it makes things easier to use and navigate. For instance, overviews will be available at the campaign, ad group and ad levels. Also, the secondary navigation runs along the left side now paralleled to the primary navigation. The new version is currently available to a limited number of users–keep an eye out for a “switch to the new Adwords” button and remember you can switch back and forth any time, if you are not ready to make the switch. Look for this new version to be rolled out to all users by the end of 2017.

Other changes
In other changes, Adwords converted clicks was sunsetted and Google Attribution was introduced for improved tracking. Google Attribution is a new analytics tool designed to evaluates how different marketing strategies affect customer purchase decisions. Brick and mortar also got a boost with Store Sales Measurements allowing business to better measure in-store revenue earned from online ads.

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Creative Mind Works picks up 5 BASF Awards!

Creative Mindworks has received five awards at the 2016 Builders Association of South Florida (BASF) Florida’s BEST Awards. The prestigious award show is a celebration of the best in property development, construction, architecture and interior design. The event is attended by leading real estate companies such as The Related Group, Prestige Companies BTI Developers and Fortune International Realty.

The November 5 gala event was held at Jungle Island in Miami and featured a dinner and award ceremony. CME received the awards for their work for The Grove Resort & Spa and for the Builder’s Association of South Florida. Members of the Creative Mindworks team were on hand as representatives of the agency.

Creative Mindworks adds New Fortress Energy to its roster

Creative Mindworks has added New Fortress Energy to its growing list of clients.
The full-service, Miami-based ad agency landed the new business without a pitch based on prior projects performed for the company. Responsibilities will include print, sales collateral, social media and other duties.

In a statement, Creative Mindworks partner Phillip Gallego said the agency was “proud to partner with New Fortress as they prepare to expand further in South Florida.”

New Fortress Energy provides energy, logistical services, financing and capital investment to end users worldwide, especially in the southeast and Caribbean. They specialize in the conversion to natural gas in areas underserved by traditional LNG suppliers.

Creative Mindworks is an independent integrated advertising agency specializing in real estate, hospitality and the healthcare sector.

A clear winner in Creative Mindworks

Creative Mindworks, a full-service integrated advertising agency in Miami has been awarded the Communicator Award for their work on behalf of client Gastro Health Lite. The agency won the award in the Print Advertising category. The competition consists of over 1,000 entries each year.

“For the first time ever, CMW has brought home a Communicator Advertising Award,” said Lizette Fernandez, president and CEO of Creative Mindworks. “Our expertise in creating impactful and graphic communications materials is reinforced by receiving this distinction. Receiving a Communicator is a true honor.”

CMW’s winning entry, “Ice Cream”, was part of their effort to publicize Gastro health’s nutritional education and weight loss program. It was inspired by the need to show how eating healthy food can be just as fun as eating “junk” food.

The creative team was asked to create a visually arresting ad that could be understood immediately and work as well on a billboard as in print.

The resulting ad, an ice cream cone with a head of lettuce on top, over a neon pink background captures the reader’s attention instantly and immediately communicates the idea of making healthy food fun.

“The print piece makes an impact, highlighting color and concept,” Fernandez said in a statement. “It reveals the kind of work we are capable of at Creative Mindworks and proves that we deliver quality creative for our clients.”