Your Guide To Social Media: Facebook

Facebook is the most intimate of all social media sites. It is a place where people go to keep in touch with friends, chat and just stay up to date with the people who matter or interest them. It is a place where people go to unwind and relax so make sure to keep your tone friendly and light as you do not want to come off as pushy.

First things first, make your page appealing to the user. You can do this by updating your timeline photo to something eye popping and catchy, it will automatically make the user more intrigued. Make sure to keep everything neat and clean.

Facebook is a place where you can update your audience, give them advice and most importantly let them know about promotions . It is also a place where you can hold contest where not only do your fans get something in return for all their input and loyalty, but it also allows you to filter out the crowd and see who your target audience really is. Contests are also a good way for you to get valuable information about the user such as authentic email addresses and demographic info.

Freebies are also a great way to attract customers, everyone loves free. If you are a restaurant give away dinner vouchers, if you are a bookstore give away something as simple as bookmarks. This is a sure fire way to get traffic into your page.

Always encourage sharing, choose sharing options that cater to your target market. Sharing is a great, fast way to build an audience. The best part is your fans are doing everything for you. Remember to keep everything relevant and exciting.

Key analytics to look out for on Facebook: Shares, likes, and comments.