Your Guide To Social Media: Twitter

Twitter is a vehicle that is more about showing your followers that their is a person behind the computer. Yes you want to get your message across and share links that will hopefully get retweeted and clicked on, but you want to do it in your own voice. You want the user to really feel connected to you even tho they might not know you, unlike Facebook which is a more intimate setting where most people know each other already. Doing that will enhance the odds of followers clicking on your link.
Keywords and hashtags are an important tool in Twitter. Make sure you have a list of words that you feel describe your company and remember you only have 140 characters, so make sure it is quality copy. Hashtags are important for forming conversations about you and your business. Hashtags can be found all over TV and print ads and are used to give viewers who just saw an ad, trailer or a show a way to group certain subject and give them all a way to talk about it. #twittersocialmediaguide. Also you can use a tool like Hootsuite to keep an eye on searches and see what people are talking about on Twitter.

Twitter is one of the biggest networking tools used by people everywhere now in days. Make sure to connect with the right people and engage in conversation. From time to time retweet them and show that there content matters to you. Be helpful! You never know who might try and help you. Another way to network is by linking your twitter to your LinkedIN making it more relevant to business.